Starlight Artwork - Paintings, Books and Cards by Sheila Caldwell
 Starlight Cards
  Each card is a piece of original artwork in encaustic (wax). No two are the same. The illustrations below cannot convey the vibrancy of these original cards but they will give you some impression of the abstract effects achieved. They are available individually at £3 each or 4 for £10 making bigger savings.  This includes postage and packing.


Scraperboard prints cards
  These black and white cards from scraperboard images are available in packs of 6 of the same design for £7. This includes post and packing. Only these two designs left.

 Blank  coloured cards of most of my paintings are available at £1.50 each.
 Please feel free to enquire.



 New Book Release 


£7.99 + £1.50p&p

It is 1349 in plague-ravaged Cologne.  A young Jewish boy, Aaron Levey, overhears plans to rid the city of Jews in an attempt to halt the Black Death.

Despite escaping under cover of darkness, his family are overpowered and Aaron flees alone into the unknown countryside.  There unfolds an exciting yet horrific story of religious prejudice, purging, friendship and betrayal, while Aaron travels through foreign lands with his young ward, looking for peace and a place they can call home.

He has the skills to establish a tailoring business wherever he ends up, but will he find love?


                                        An A-Z for Lightworkers 
£7.99 + £1.50 p&p
 Available on Amazon and Kindle
or signed from the author

This is the perfect book for someone new to spiritual experiences as well as providing information for therapists, Reiki practitioners and all energy workers.

Words on the Wing

£5.99 + £1.50 p&p

A selection of 20 poems, each with the theme of a different bird.


 £5.99 plus £1.50 p&p

      This collection does not have a theme but has observations of life and nature.

20 Poems in a variety of styles.
Available  signed from the author.

All of the above books are available on Amazon or from the author

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